Monday, April 28, 2014

Tools To Grow Your Company Social Media

Technology has taken over the way companies and retailers market their brands and launch new merchandise.  It is important to know how to delegate your social media information correctly in order to receive a large volume of interest in your profile. There are a lot of platforms now available for companies to resource and plan out their posts, but it's difficult to navigate through them all and find what fits best for you. So, I took the liberty of breaking down the tools for social media and evaluating what they succeed most in.

1. HootSuite
This is the most popular tool when it comes to compiling ideas for social media.  They provide resources for reporting, publishing and listening. With HootSuite, you can publish comments to Twitter and Facebook and even geo-target your content for followers.

2. Sprout Social
Sprout Social provides resources such as single-stream inbox, records of customer relations, and keyword monitoring. They also provide an easy-to-navigate discovery section, where you can actively search key words or phrases to interact directly with items of interest to you.

3. Buffer
This platform emphasizes in publishing and reporting. The site has a reputation of being simple and easy to use with minimal mouse clicks to complete your tasks. They also allow for your to make your posted content popular in order to receive more views and provide data of performance of past postings.

4. Nimble
Nimble works exclusively for customer relationship management.  With this platform, you are able to set alerts for connecting with users, view a variety of social streams, and  perform consumer outreach. There is a lot of information available on this site to help your company connect best with your consumers.

5. Kapost
This tool is a great software for content marketing. They offer a content calendar where you are able to create and schedule posts for social media. Companies are able to view the upcoming content posts and statistics from previous postings.

By: Julie Murray

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Coachella Invades Social Media

Unless you have been living under a rock these last two weeks, you know that the Coachella Music Festival is back once again.  Anyone with a news feed is swarmed with new photos and videos of musical acts and festival style.  Some of your all time favorite celebs frequent this Indio, California based festival and many are photographed in their boho-chic outfits. Over the years, many fashion companies have taken notice to the wide media coverage on this event and have decided to become more involved. Now, companies host off-site events during the back-to-back weekend festival with a celebrity filled guest list. Many of whom tweet or instagram their party photos on their own personal social media accounts to gain exposure for the brand.  There is also additional marketing from brands during this event where fashion companies will compensate young actors and musicians for wearing their brand or products and even pay for their admission to the sold-out festival. Notably paid celebs for this years festival would be Lea Michele for Lacoste at an estimated $20,000, Vanessa Hudgens for McDonalds at $15,000, and Kate Bosworth at $30,000, just to name a few. Now that the 2014 Coachella festival has come to an end, we will only see more and more product placement and celebrity endorsed brands in the future years. It will be exciting to see what other companies will jump on board to get their name out on every social media platform with next years event.  


By: Julie Murray


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Monday, March 10, 2014

Social Media Spotlight: Facebook News

There have been reports circulating the internet that Facebook, Inc. is planning on purchasing Titan Aerospace, a drone manufacturer for $60 million. The interest in purchasing another company comes from Facebook’s interest in providing wireless internet services to under developed countries in Africa and Asia. It has been reported that nearly 5 billion people in the world are still unable to access affordable internet service. Titan is currently working on solar powered atmospheric satellites that should begin operating next year. The drones would reach an altitude of 65,000 feet with a 165 wingspan and remain there for five years without needing to land.  

Facebook is looking for Titan to build 11,000 model drones for their project to connect billions of people currently living without internet access.  (Google has a similar project in the works as well known as Project Loom, where they will use solar powered air balloons instead of drones to provide wireless internet.) Purchasing Titan would ensure Facebook as a basic service used in developing economies, which would be huge for the #1 social media network.  

Here is a link to the model drone that would be used to provide internet to other countries to give you a better idea of what it looks like:

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By: Julie Murray

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Filippinos Save Lives with Social Media

The power of social media never disappoints.  After Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines the country took to to newsfeeds to get their important requests out there.

There is a need for anything and everything.  Citizens used whatever internet they could find and used it to post status updates and tweets.  Many of the statuses were made into memes and shared, ultimately causing a chain reaction of help.

Aid came from countries including: Japan, Norway, Russia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the Vatican, New Zealand and Australia.

When getting news to loved ones in other countries is difficult, Filipinos can post a status about it or use other forms of social media to gets things out to their families.

While having many down sides, here is an example of how clutch social media can be in a time of dire need.

By: Tori

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ohio State is Getting Tech Savvy

Ohio State's marching band has upped the ante with its crazy formations.  You can catch the band at halftime  cruising the field making insane designs like Michael Jackson... doing the moonwalk or Superman jumping over buildings.

It's new school vs. old school.  The band previously had to draw out what configurations it would make.  Now, there's an app for that on the iPad.  Two students who march in the band came up with the idea.  While the band used to waste paper due to drawing out their routines, now the college students virtually see where their next placement needs to be.

Ryan Barta and Charlie King felt that using iPads would benefit the environment while also Ohio State.  The school allowed a 25,000 dollar grant that will provide 45 students with iPads from the Ohio State's Office of Energy and Environment.  It will be expensive at first but ultimately, with time, the investment in technology will pay off.  Plus, boost the quality of Ohio's marching band stunts. 

When students are going through the motions, the app is recording and can be watched frame by frame after the fact.  So a marcher can see what he or she is doing and how to improve based on their recording.  If there is someone who isn't quite in line with everyone else, now it can be spotted and fixed easily.   

Right now Ohio State is one of the only schools using apps for its marching band routines.  It's a matter of time before rivals start catching on and using apps as well. 

By: Tori 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Banksy isn't Playing Nice

Banksy is at it again, and this time he's taken it to a whole different level.  104 Floors to be exact.  This past weekend the street artist posted an piece on his website about the Freedom Tower in NYC.  The article did not get approved by the New York Times.  He went on to explain how he feels the tower is a "shyscraper" and "vanilla."  Banksy thinks that it represents how the terrorists won and that it mocks those who died that day in September.

It's interesting to hear someone's cynical perspective on a tower that stands for so much to this city.  Banksy was not here on that day, he didn't see first hand what happened to those people, how dare he make a joke of something created on their behalf.

Amusing, that "the terrorists won," yet Banksy still comes here to spread his art all over the city.  Not for nothing, it is the fourth largest skyscraper in the world, but that shouldn't matter anyway.  The look and height of a building is not the only thing that defines it.  And if that is how you feel and you can't appreciate it or don't like it I say head on back to the UK.

His artwork over the course of October was mildly controversial but nothing to write home about.  Disrespecting a building that was built in honor of thousands of innocent peoples lives is simply gross.  This city hasn't lost, in fact it has become that much stronger.

The kick towards Canada was ridiculous as well.  Why  bring them in?  What's this guy really trying to start?  Sure, paint a cool picture on a wall in Brooklyn, but don't maliciously attempt to offend the entire city and then slap Canada.  Get over yourself.  Or get out.  

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Perks of YouTube

Today, social media is a platform that allows people to be heard instantly and FAST.  So it's no surprise that many ordinary people have made a name for themselves quickly.  Whether it be Insta-famous, Twitter, Vine or especially... YouTube.

Of all the platforms, YouTube seems to be the medium that pushes an individuals personality forward in the public eye most because creators can make videos as long as they want.  There are YouTuber events like Vidcon where these people can meet one another, bond and go on to collaborate together.  

And these videos are taken all the way to the bank.  On the Top 100 YouTubers, a fan favorite JacksGap, will potentially earn $302,237 this year... for making cheeky vids.  What a life.  The thing is though-- you've got to have some sort of quirk if people are going to start watching you all the time.  The Harries brothers (JacksGap) are two handsome twins from England.  Need I say more?  Not only are they good looking but fun and silly as well, keeping their separate personalities on camera.  

One of the leading young American YouTubers is Tyler Oakley.  Whose channel is not very old, but appeals to the gay community specifically.  Tyler has a few trademark phrases and its hard to not smile when watching him... and he knows it.  He's expected to potentially bring in $230,613.  That's more than most people I know and they're not making videos that's for sure.  

No matter what you're interested in YouTube is a mecca for it, there are tons of videos about tons of things.  You name it-- it's on YouTube.  Don't know how to do that thing?  Just YouTube it.  Is she good live?  Just go listen to some of her concerts on YouTube.  How should I cook that again?  RIGHT, just YouTube it.  There is an endless supply of you-name-it-how-tos on the site.  Super easy, almost always entertaining.  

So whether you're looking to make it big or just need to practice putting on liquid eyeliner, YouTube has something for you.  

By: Tori